Karel the Robot  


Karel (pronounced Carl) is a robot living in a simple world who can perform simply stated, interesting tasks. His world is a grid-work of streets and avenues that Karel traverses, containing special objects that Karel can sense and manipulate.

Karel's World

Wall sections can be used in Karel's world to represent, for example, a maze that Karel must navigate or a stair case that Karel must climb. Beepers can be picked up, moved, and put down by Karel; Karel can be directed to, for example, pick up a row of beepers or lay down a pattern using beepers.

One (example) arrangement of Karel's world is given below:

Karel's Capabilities

Karel's Jobs

Every morning Karel is awakened in bed when the newspaper - represented by a beeper - is thrown on the front porch of the house. Program Karel to retrieve the paper and bring it back to bed. The newspaper is always thrown to the same spot, and Karel's world, including his bed, is as pictured.

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