Credit by Special Examination
Computer Orientation- CSCI 1150

Students who have had extensive experience using computer applications and with understanding computer concepts can obtain credit for Computer Orientation CSCI 1150 by taking the "Credit by Special Examination". A score of 70% or higher must be achieved in written test, and successful completion of Office 2013 projects  in order to receive credit for the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the test be given?

Date for the Spring 2018 exam is:

March 20 (Tuesday), 9:30 12:30 p.m.  in KOM 361-E.


What will the test cover? In order to pass the special exam, students should:

      1. Be familiar with basic computer concepts. The test will include many questions related to computer concepts and most of these questions will come from material contained in the text that was once used for the CSCI 1150 course. (Discovering Computers 2011 by Shelly and Vermaat). (ISBN# 978-1-4390-7942-3) Students wishing to take the "Special Exam" should examine this text carefully before taking the test.
      2. Be familiar with various software application packages. You will have randomly generated questions from the book "Microsoft Office 2013" by Beskeen/Cram/Duffy/Friedrichsen/Reding" including questions related to:
        1. word processing using Microsoft Word 2013
        2. spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel 2013
        3. presentation software using Microsoft Powerpoint 2013
        4. creating and publishing web pages
        5. using Microsoft Access 2013
      3. Be familiar with system software including the effective use of: system software and utility programs.
      4. Be familiar with Windows OS.
      5. Understand the usage of the Internet for email, searching for information, downloading information, etc.
      6. Be able to produce several projects during the exam related to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and their integration.

2.     How do students arrange to take the test?

Students wishing to take the special exam must obtain form and pay at the SSAC Room 120 and then arrange with Dr. Yoo in the Computer Science Department ( to take the test. NOTE: Students will not be allowed to take the test unless they have pre-registered with Dr. Yoo. The $60.00 fee you are paying goes to University, NOT to Dr. Yoo.

4. What materials should be brought to the testing site?

    1. #2 pencil
    2. document indicating payment of fees for taking the exam
    3. student picture ID
    4. two  scantron forms ( NCS form # 19641 - the half-size scantron form)

5. How do I pre-register to take the exam?

Read page Credit by Special Exam first. Come by Dr. Yoo's office (KOM 361-E) or email Dr. Yoo ( to take the test. Also, bring verification of paid fees to make your request official.

6. What questions should I expect on the exam?

The test is divided up into two parts. Part 1 will contain multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks and true and false questions related to computer concepts and applications. A grade of 70% must be achieved on this aspect of the test. Part 2 will consist of several hands-on-projects related to Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint and their integration. Students must satisfactorily complete this portion of the exam also to receive credit for the course. It is suggested that students view projects listed in the "Microsoft Office 2013- Illustrated Series" lab book used in the CSCI 1150 course to determine what type of projects may be required.